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She pointed right and her sights worked like magic, putting a little black dot at their sharp tip every single time. Reply Link Heavy10mm November 2,9: The Jena singles sights take single stack practice if your used to three dots. Also, Crimson Trace has a laser system that has been designed to fit onto trigger guard and frame. For your enjoyment, I gathered together half-a-dozen species of 9mm ammo and headed off to the range with a young Air Force reservist, a middle-aged gun-guy, and an arthritic grandpa eagerly looking forward singles amberg-sulzbach hand surgery.

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Great trigger and very short reset. The drill was clear your pistol, point it into the barrel, THEN pull the trigger. Think of the speed of an XS Big-Dot blended with the precision of traditional target sights. Having the option is always best. My variation on that theme is to step outside and point it at the ground in a safe direction if at all possible. I wish you all the best.

Reply Link Keith November 2,7: Chosen by elite forces throughout the world, the craftsmanship is second to none, and it is hard to say no tanzkurs bielefeld single 12 rounds in the magazine.

Excellence in design, materials and craftsmanship and the perfect execution therof. Reply Link El Mac November 2,8: But Steyr kept at it for seventeen years, with the C ompact, M edium, and L arge frame models now well-tuned in their single stack generation.

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You cannot go wrong investing in a Steyr firearm!!! Comparable in stack to the Glock 19, this melonite-coated polymer framed pistol is becoming a favorite of many law enforcement agencies.

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The sights were cool but otherwise no one really cared. For folks that like a longer barrel and a rail, we have that as well.

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Chief November 2, With that in mind, we went up a step to look at the 10 most popular concealed carry handguns chambered in 9mm. Hands down the best stock trigger I have experienced on a stock handgun.

Brian Manns November 2,6: Rouge November 2,6: Focus on the three sharp points just as you would a 3-dot system. So much of the tacticrap deposited on forums would hold single weight given a little perspective.

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Thanks to the big rail on the dustcover, a confused cop once came up to my lane asking if I was preparing a Taser for my cardboard companion! I just wish more dealers here in Northeast Ohio would carry them in stock. Steyr, however, did the job right. I like the take-down lever vs a pin and would consider a. These kits consist of a slide, barrel, recoil spring assembly and magazine. And this was my reason for selling nano.

Steyr has excellent customer service! The rest of the gun looks nice. We recommend looking at each one in person to see how they fit your hand.

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I see a lawsuit coming. I have put rounds through it single stammtisch straubing no issues. Our two fathers were impressed by the little lock as well, activated by a hard push and ninety degree turn to the right which all of us agree should never activate by accident.

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The Steyr M series uses a very high grip profile which holds the barrel axis close to the shooter's hand and makes the Steyr M more comfortable to shoot by reducing muzzle rise and allowing for faster aim recovery in rapid shooting sequence. Hope it does draw some positive attention. When the trigger is in the forward position, the firing pin spring remains lightly compressed pre-cocked by the forward motion of the slide as it returns to battery.

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