Nassau county single point of access Welcome to the Long Island Behavioral Health Housing The Corner Stone of Recovery

Nassau county single point of access

Our group homes cottbus singles apartments provide supportive environments that enable each and every person to live with dignity in the community and work toward independent living. Primary diagnosis may not be substance abuse.

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Assistance obtaining medical and dental care. To emphasize rehabilitation through improvement of functional abilities, behavior and skills. Activities of daily living. Resident of Nassau County Between the ages of 18 — 55 Capable of point self-care Documentation of a history of mental illness and current homelessness If you want more information about MHA's housing, please call: Eligibility Resident of Nassau County.

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To develop confidence and competence toward the goal of independent living in the community. Restorative and rehabilitative services. Management of symptoms of illness.

Housing with Support Services. Primary diagnosis of mental illness with stabilization of symptoms. Applicant must be capable of self-preservation and self-care.

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Between the ages of 18 — Program Expectations Voluntary admission. Private fees may be required when eligibility is denied. Applications can be found on line at: Assistance with social and recreational activities. The Community Living Program offers a single array of residential options for adults with psychiatric disabilities.

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Case Management services are available to individuals. Rent is set at affordable rates and tenants receive support and assistance as needed. For any additional questions The Single Point of Access may be reached at Care Coordination Formerly Case Management.

Staff is available for support and crisis management. Adult Family Support Group.

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Case management services are available to individuals. Adherence to medical treatment plans, including medications prescribed by a treating specialist.

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Management of treatment regimen. Share in communal housekeeping and residential maintenance tasks. Situational and supportive counseling.

SPA Mission Statement

Not harmful to self or others. Three of the units are reserved for families in which at least one access member has a mental illness. If you want more information about MHA's housing, please call: Our Goals To enhance individual functioning by improving daily living skills, social and problem-solving skills. Services Room and board. Medication and symptom management. Capable of self-care, including skills necessary for independent living.

Willing to learn the skills necessary for independent living.

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