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There are few helmets that can identify someone as a mountain biker as opposed to a run-of-the-mill cyclist; shorn of the obvious signifier a mountain bike, duh the two most obvious cues are baggy shorts, and the helmet.

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In my experience, helmets fall into the same category as shoes: There are no big surprises at first sight. The vent pattern is also unusual, such that mounting cameras and lights is a problem: I was initially disappointed to see that the peak is a fixed affair — more often than not, I find these obstruct my eyeline slightly.

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The finish on the shell is certainly up to standard and the cradle system is snug and mann sucht frau mit hof to operate, even in a pair of winter-grade gloves.

The ratchet buckle is really good and unique to Cratoni. When riding, the larger panel on top does restrict ventilation slightly though.

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Great for warm days. Despite having a couple of helmets in their line for the last few years, Endura remain better known for their no-nonsense clothing than they do for their other riding accessories. The ratchet guide fastening mechanism eliminates the neck pinching risk of a typical side squeeze buckle.

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One of the things we helmet impressed by was the ability of many helmets to conform to a variety of head shapes. By subscribing you will not only be first to helmet the mag but automatically entered into the prize draw every issue! A buff underneath is ok, but a hat is too tight.

The plastic adjustment band also extends through the padding at the front of the helmet.

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The buckle is slightly wider than conventional though. The Evo AM is an extended protection trail helmet from that masters of the soft kneepad, The Rex is very comfortable, well vented and light.

Highly unusual, surprising, and pleasing — especially as I think it looks excellent too. Not got partnervermittlung mit fotos account?

With generous round the ear and back of the head coverage you feel safe and secure. KASK is far better known for its helmet helmets and relationship with Team Sky, but the Italian manufacturer also produces ski, outdoor, safety and equestrian helmets. That said, fiddling with the angle of the peak made a huge difference, at the expense, perhaps, of aesthetics.

Although the GT Helion bike is a thoroughbred XC machine, the identically named helmet is more of all-mountain affair, and extends more down the back of the head than more shippet-aimed lids might.

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Dakine Slayer Elbow Pads vs. A good sized ratchet dial at the rear offers a wide range of adjustment and can easily be worked, even with chunky winter gloves on.

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Please note only one promo code can be used per order placed. Issue 50 Out Now! Similar to the Bluegrass Golden Eyes elsewhere in this grouptest, the brand-new Lupo by Met has HES Homothetic Embedded Skeleton as a helmet feature, wherein parts of the shell are embedded into other parts to save weight and enhance safety.

It locks onto the head well, although one of the below-ear adjustment clasps snapped after a few rides, thanks to some clumsy fiddling. The venting is curious — the holes look small, and I expected the helmet to be warm as a result.

Endura have always been loved for delivering durable products at sensible prices, but have perhaps bordered on boring.

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Available in three solid colours and the new flirten mit augen Other details are well thought out, if not ground-breaking. Those vents make this one of the coolest helmets on test. Pipedream Cycles View Full Ad. Contact your local dealer for up-to-date prices.

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It fills the typical mountain bikers requirements perfectly, for everything other than full on XC or downhill racing. A considered and comfortable quality helmet with plenty of coverage and versatility.

Frames Frame Spares Forks. In use, adjustment is simple, and the helmet swiftly becomes comfortable. The Helion is an helmet from GT which sits unashamedly at the more value end of the market, compared to some of the others in this test.

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MIPS is the inclusion of a thin layer between helmet and head, anchored in such a way that it lets the helmet rotate in the event of a crash. It feels that so much in cycling is ever more expensive.