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Aimee mann ted leo tour dates

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Aimee Mann and Ted Leo had perfect chemistry together and were able to harmonize their vocals to create some of the most als mann single bleiben songs. Ted Leo is still writing innovative music and cranking out interesting music in all styles that are both beautiful and energetic.

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He strummed his guitar in a highly rhythmic manner, which made up for the lack of drums and bass. When I saw Ted Leo live, he joined Aimee Mann during her set to perform some of the songs that they had written for their band, The Both.

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He is not just some punk singer yelling out an uncontrolled, angst driven slew of words in a raspy voice, but is a highly proficient vocalist with an excellent voice.

He is able to sing a melody in perfect tune, and can hit some incredibly high notes when singing falsetto.

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I had the privilege of seeing Ted Leo open up for Aimee Mann in and was amazed of the control he had over the ted leo tour dates. Although his music is highly punk based, he would occasionally play on his acoustic guitar presenting a deep, vibrant sound to his music that was still energetic, but more beautiful than his heavier tunes.

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If Ted Leo ever comes through town, you should definitely let this legendary punk musician amaze you with his vast skills. He often added distortion to his guitar playing to convey the loud, gritty punk sound that is found throughout his music.

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Ted Leo performed with all of the raw energy that is expected be heard in punk, but his delivery was very clear and pristine. Ted Leo also has an amazing vocal range that he presents in a very clear fashion.

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Ted Leo also has a great sense of humor and is always quick with a joke or a funny story when he is on stage. He has played in many well regarded bands such as Ted Leo and the Pharmacists, Citizens Arrest, and Chisel, but also has a reputation for his highly captivating solo performances.

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